The Noruco NC10 tester gives the possibility to check the status of the light cables. For this, it uses high quality components, giving a very accurate and safe measurement result.


You can use the tester with any type of connection from both the endoscope and the cold light source and from any manufacturer, thus avoiding unnecessary substitutions and keeping our light transmission systems always in optimal condition.


The equipment facilitates the work of both the medical / surgical personnel and the maintenance personnel.

We have the first light source on the market that has a light fiber status tester. For this, it uses high quality components giving a very accurate and safe measurement result. They have a luminosity without flicker, greater hygiene due to less dust in suspension, thanks to an effective fan, and an automatic disconnection system when detecting the extraction of light fiber.

Features 2K+

- High brightness LED (2.000 lm)

- Color temperature: 5.700º Kelvin

- Microcontrolled system

- Compatible with the most common light cables on the market

- Low energy consumption with Standby function and auto-off  of the screen

- 7" touch screen with very intuitive interface

- Attractive and customizable design

- Fiber optic cable tester


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