R & D

Working as a team divides the work and multiplies the results

Innovation is not an opportunity, but a necessity.

The road that leads to an extraordinary product is knowing how to apply what professionals demand, always controlling each one of the processes. For this reason, NORUCO is an open research company, always synchronized with European Health interests, seeking improvement in the quality and functionality of medical equipment integrating new technologies.

Responding with creative and integral solutions to any need that may arise in the evolution of the market, thanks to the work of the R + D + i department, led by one of the founders of NORUCO.

With the intention of innovating, since innovation is not an opportunity but a necessity, we work in both singular and collaborative projects, since our activities are focused on acquiring new knowledge and results, in the productive, in the technological and in the functionality .

NORUCO can develop its own R + D + i projects or take sides in collaboration with third parties.

It has the ability to carry out all phases of a project alone or in collaboration.


Always watching and with a more social vision, concerned about the environment, economic growth and employment, family reconciliation and clinical advances.

Do you want to collaborate with NORUCO in Innovation projects?

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